Monday, December 8, 2008

Obama: Don't go out and buy guns

Since people have been purchasing guns in droves since Obama's been pres-elect, he has told people it's ridiculous to keep buying them. I personally don't trust him and will use credit cards if I have to before inauguration to buy a couple more.

See article,obama-gun-sales-up-120808.article

My take:

People are stocking up on guns because they don't trust the federal government any longer. They are buying the guns for protection against the government, such as martial law or civil unrest. Obama has already spoke at length about 'flaws' the constitution has. I have no doubt he will attempt to disarm citizens. It was Jefferson who knew that citizens themselves were the only last resort in overthrowing a tyrranous government; and as our government becomes larger and more communistic, we will someday need these guns to defend ourselves.

The inauguration of presidents to 'uphold and protect the constitution' is an absolute joke. They all want to subvert it, modify it and ignore it. Just look at the patriot act.

I no longer trust my government as I once had some faith that our government was setup to protect us. I no longer believe this with the banksters running the show.

I hope you will educate yourself and make your own decisions regarding this. You will find our liberties are on the brink of being done away with.

We need to restore our republic with leaders who will actually support and defend the constitution. Otherwise our liberties are doomed.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Jefferson Republican Party

Those of you who feel like the GOP does not support your ideals in government, there is a new party who may make a difference: The Jefferson Republican Party. I am joining this party. If you are a conservative without a political home and are a conservative, maybe you should give them some support too!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

It's getting tough

Well, this week has been tough for the country, heck even the world. Credit is drying up, markets are in a panic, small businesses are laying off employees in droves. I saw this personally with bank loans this week on a travel trailer I own.

I am not at all happy about the federal government getting involved in this crisis, but the country and small businesses are in a complete panic. A local company auto dealer laid off nearly 40 employees this week. Sales are at an all time low - from about 150 cars per week being moved to 20 per month.

I am fortunate enough to not have car payments, but everything I have is at least 12 years old.
88 honda civic
91 honda civic
96 chevy suburban

All paid for. I can't image a car payment on top of my mortgage and property payments.

I do think that this regulation is leading us towards socialism. Whats amazing is that many Americans know how to solve this problem without more tax payer money. It's simple conservative economics.

- The USA needs to go into complete isolationism
- Get out of NATO and foreign entaglements
- Stop supporting foreign dictators who hate us
- Become completely energy independent through wind, nuclear and oil drilling.
- destroy the welfare state and limit welfare to 12-18 months one time
- start using land to farm additional crops. The world is coming to a food shortage.
- Export goods instead of import
- Diversify the workforce and have Americans learn to farm again
- Drill, Drill, Drill and export what oil we don't use.
- Nuclear power and wind power to charge autos of the future - plug in hybrids
- Upgrade the energy grid to support this new infrastructure
- Broadband internet and technology connectivity everywhere to stimulate this diversified workforce, telecommuting
- Build a huge wall at the border, tazer anyone coming across the border illegally
- Get rid of regulation and zoning which deprives land owners from significant value and possible small business start-ups
- Reduce the capital gains tax from 0-5% to get businesses to bring their money back to the USA
- Reduce building regulations so land owners can build low cost houses on their own. It costs more to permit a mobile home than it costs to put a used one on a piece of property. It's extorsion and artificial inflation of the market to increase government's taxable property value.

Do this and watch this economy boom....

If only the politicians were not so entagled with their own special interest groups.. this could be implemented and America would once again lead the world in productivity, exports and wealth.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Update: 8/17

I am still waiting on the septic application to become a permit. I should have final information this week.

My Yuchai dozer is down. Transmission problems. The hoses china ships with these things are junk, fortunately there are only a couple 5/8" hoses that need replacing. Going to have to find the screen where the hose deteriortated clogged the shuttle clutch. Going to be a job. Might need to get the dozer home for repairs.

Regardless of the situation, I have saved thousands of dollars in land development by doing this stuff myself. Just the building pad, road grading, entrances, land clearing has taken so many hours. A contractor here would charge a minimum of $55-$65 per hour for this work.

Most people say that on unimproved land, you are looking at $75-$100k in costs for infrastructure. Here are some example costs:

$10k-20k for a well
$5k for septic
$25k for power; plus $100-$150 monthly expense
$15k-20k in grading, paving depending on site
$3-$5k fencing

My costs when not including construction equipment or repairs:

$8400 well
$3000 septic
$10000 5180 watt solar replaces PG&E and runs well
$5000 for misc on power (inverters, batteries)
$1000 solar mounts
$300 gravel for driveway
$100 in gates
$190 barn permit
$2300 barn
$100 in fencing material ( I had some old pre-existing fencing )
Landscaping costs will be incremental and will cost $50 a month or so as I add trees, etc.

So as you can see this is still expensive but nowhere near $75k. Plus, I have no monthly overhead bills associated with power. I will however hookup to PG&E when we build our main house in the future unless the $5k air conditioners (DC powered) that cool 720 sq feet each and are 30 SEER become $3k. Then these can run right of the batteries and bypass the inverter.

Well, I have a load into this property now. I will have more money before I am done, lots more. However, even in this depressed real estate market, once a home is build (2800 sq feet) with the setting (views of three mountain ranges) the house and property combined will be well worth over $580k.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Update on the property

It's been about 3 weeks since I posted. Here's the update:

The county is still waiting on my septic system due to the water table being right within the 5' range. We did not have enough rainfall this year to consider it a 'normal year', so I still wait making interest payments on the land. It's starting to get quite expensive. I am hopefully going to have a permit approved in the next few weeks.

Things done:
- Solar panels purchased (5180 watts) for off-grid
- PG&E is 900' away, probably will hook up someday when I want A/C in the house and we build our real house
- 12x36 barn on property - not assembled.
- Almost finalized my agricultural barn permit, just need some gravel on the driveway to get the public works portion finalized.

- We picked our final house plans when we build in a few years (Wife will have to work to get that done) - 2818 sq foot house

Lights out: GOP stays in the house

There is a story buzzing around the internet, but hardly any news media outlets are covering it. Pelosi turns the lights out on the GOP after the GOP stayed in the house and refused to go on the 5 week vacation without proposing an energy vote. I can't find a video of this anywhere, however I turned on CSPAN last night and there was some footage before the democrats left the house. John Boehner was quite adamant about a vote on energy regulation, but democrats kept putting it off saying it would stop votes on other important bills, not energy regulation.

You can see the article here about what happened:

I was impressed with the veracity in which the GOP finally went after the dems in the final hours of the day on Friday. It's historic. First, when a vote came to adjourn, the 50+ members of the GOP stayed. Then, Pelosi turned off the microphone; then the lights, then one of the GOP members somehow got the microphone back on, Pelosi turned it back off again.

The GOP stayed for 5 hours talking about energy crisis and they are fed up. It's about time as the American public has been outraged about this issue for six months.

The dems better listen, otherwise they are going to get wiped out. This issue crosses all party line barriers, and even many environmentalists are saying lets get energy independent with our own oil, wind and start using some natural gas too. You should see if you are interested in that particular plan. It's quite good and will take time to implement, but a step in the right direction.

Well, enough about this for now. Hopefully we get some real energy changes over the next few years, my gas bill is killing me now. . . any extra income I had goes in the fuel tank. Forget about saving any money or putting money into the property right now.

I hope you all contact your congressman or senator and tell them how you feel. They are actually listening right now and know a revolt is in the works. The government can only ignore it's people for so long. I am surprized some nut-job hasn't gone out and whacked some of the liberal leadership in congress/senate who want to keep us dependent, want to raise our taxes, want us to just become Europe. Hey, at least it'd be a start. LOL BTW, congressional approval rating is less than 10%. Even Bush's approval rating is near 30%.


Friday, July 11, 2008

Quite the week

This has been a really challenging week for me personally. This past weekend with the dog bite, and my son going to the ER kind of threw me over the edge.

Wall street also had a horrid week. Very concerning about the housing crisis, and it appears to be getting worse. Today, Indymac bank that holds over 32B in assets was taken over by the Fed. They had a liquidity crisis from the housing market crash. Chuck Schumer mentioned this bank being in trouble about a month ago, and people pulled out over 1.3B in the past 30 days. This further created the crisis. I hate to say it but these things are probably going to get much worse, and as oil climbed again to a new high today of $147, oil is increasing daily as the dollar slowly collapses. It would be nice to know when we are at the bottom of this market, but the bottom is probably still far away unfortunately. I had told my family to get their stock out about a year ago, but they did not listen.

This whole thing with Iran isn't helping either. With Americans now concerned about the economy and their assets (housing), I think Ron Paul would have a much better shot if the nomination process started today instead of six months ago. It just goes to show you how timing is so critical. Iran isn't helping things either, instability is everywhere and is completely volitale now that our economy is more global than it was in 2001 when 9/11 hit.

I have some fear about this, but I think I would be better off praying for our country and it's citizens. I have concern that things are going to get worse, especially if Barry Obama becomes president. Not that Mccain will do much good either. I think unfortunately that we are going to have to get another Jimmy Carter elected to get a Reagan. I think that the current person who could become a great leader is Bobby Jindal. He is unique, humble and is a leader.

Going to try and take it easy this weekend, sleep and rest.