Wednesday, May 21, 2008

First post

This is the first post of the New American Frontier blog. I want to talk about homesteading and share ideas, pictures for living a self-sustainable lifestyle. I will also talk about how the state of California won't let you drill your own well, and want to nickel and dime you for everything imaginable and how I want the government out of my life. If you are planning on moving to California, stay where you are.

I have been studying Cabin plans, wooden panelized yurts, etc and hope to put some plans online including BOM (Bill of Materials) to be completely self-sustainable off the grid.

Attached is a picture of my 48 acre parcel in North Chico. Power is about 900' from my property line, but PG&E wants $25,000 to hook it up! Solar hookup for a complete 6000 watt system is less than the PG&E hookup cost. This land is part of the last original untouched frontier in Northern California between the Sierra Nevada Mountains and the coastal mountain range. My land is about 1 mile from the base of the Sierra Mountains.

The New American Frontier is about the current homesteading movement. Obviously, land is no longer free, nor are we under our current government. The 1863 homestead act gave a person the right to own free and clear any 160 acre parcel of land as long as they lived on the parcel and built at least a minimum of a 10x12 cabin with one window. Today's governement wants to take you to court for building without permits. With the current housing crisis, most people are having a difficult time getting a construction loan to start building a house. This is why I am most likely going to build a cabin or yurt to live in with my three kids. The New American Frontier is about utilizing current technologies - not just solar to make economic living also comfortable living. Enough for now, I hope you enjoy the blog over time.

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